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Just married car ideas

Mr & Mrs. Theme Wedding Car Decoration

An extremely simple DIY idea. Thermocol cut into alphabets to make it resemble a Mr. plus a Mrs. banner onto a string. The cupids on each end of this string and a straightforward decoration in addition to the grill accentuate appeal and the appearance of this DIY escape car decoration.

The Offbeats

Why do you need a getaway car when you could have a getaway bike or even better, a beautiful old Victorian Horse drawn carriage with a "Just Married" banner in the back. These are not exactly decorations but ideas that you may look in to create and also the ride extra special.

The White Flower Theme

A stylish and beautiful flower decoration that renders three-quarters of the wedding gateway car. It is simply a subtle border type of style that makes a huge impact with its design and positioning of flowers. A decoration theme which suits automobiles that are colored or the shades the best.

Mr. & Mrs. Burlap Valentines Bunting Banner

Keep things simple, clean, and inexpensive for this burlap banner which simply reads "Mr. and Mrs." with a cute little heart at the center. The organic burlap banner ad is approximately 10 feet long, with each flag measuring roughly 7.5" high x 5" wide, so it's certainly visible from afar and will create an amazing picture as you depart from your reception. Use it on your vehicle, at the wedding, and then as a piece of decor in your home.

The Bonnet Ribbon Flower

An extra netted ribbon stylishly made to sit on the radiator grill in the form of a blossom that is beautiful while the ribbon goes all of the way ends. A wedding car decor thought that will get you noticed!

Bow-Tie Wedding Car Decoration

If you'd like your car to be untouched, however have decoration to indicate the daythen this bow tie on the door handle is your best bet.

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